About TeloMe

The mission of TeloMe (pronounced tella-me) is to bring affordable biomarker testing to everyone, with a particular focus on telomere length. Many studies have suggested that telomere length is the most meaningful and potentially modifiable biomarker available today; however, the technologies typically used in health association studies have many limitations and have produced contradictory and questionable results. TeloMe’s measurement technologies provide substantial improvements over existing technologies and their use over time should allow clarification of many existing uncertainties. For maximum affordability and accessibility we have focused on saliva-based testing, and direct sample collection by mail and courier.

TeloMe was founded in 2010 by Don Wang, Preston Estep, Ph.D. and Professor George Church of the Molecular Technology group at Harvard Medical School, and the Personal Genome Project based at HMS. TeloMe has worked with the Personal Genome Project for the past two years to establish a nationwide saliva-collection pipeline throughout the U.S. Our experience in many relevant areas of genome-related technology development has allowed us to bring to everyone the many advantages of affordable and accessible telomere testing.

TeloMe is the only company in the world offering saliva-based telomere testing by mail. No needles!

TeloMe is a member of Startup America

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