Telomere basics and why you should measure them with TeloMe

Telomeres are the protective DNA structures at the ends of chromosomes. There is a large degree of natural variation in telomere length—some people have long telomeres and some have very short ones, even at a young age. In general, as one gets older telomeres shorten and degrade, and the overall length distribution becomes increasingly heterogeneous. Many research publications over the past two decades have shown that shortening telomere length is an indicator of declining function with age.

A 2013 report in the Journal of the American Medical Association was widely reported in the media because it showed that short average telomere length indicates susceptibility to and severity of the common cold—even in people as early as their twenties [1]. In March 2013, an international team of scientists published a report showing that short average telomere length is associated with a higher risk of mortality and age-related diseases. The team measured telomere lengths in over 48,000 individuals and followed their health. They identified seven genetic variants, each of which is associated with a reduction of average telomere length by the equivalent of 2 to 4 years per variant and increased risk of age-related disease [2].

However, there are some substantial caveats to consider when assessing these studies and any other information relevant to telomere length:

These results challenge the idea that shorter average telomere length is always bad, and highlights that the complexities of telomere dynamics and their effects on health are still not well understood, especially in people. Nevertheless, it also shows that measuring more than just the average telomere length can provide essential information that should eventually allow us to understand the role of telomeres in health.

The simple fact is that much remains unknown about telomere length and possible effects and influences on health. The most informative current course of action for individuals and science generally is for many people to track the lengths of their telomeres over time using superior technologies that allow measurement of more than average length. TeloMe's superior technologies provide more information than just average telomere length, and will help advance the field past these many uncertainties.


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